Full Name
Alan Galbreth
Job Title
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Presenter Bio
Alan Galbreth, Interim CEO, Indiana Crop Improvement Association

Alan began his career in agriculture working for Asgrow in Benton County. Upon his graduation from Purdue, he began working for Indiana Crop Improvement Association where he worked for 44 years before his retirement in August, 2019. In August 2023, Alan returned to ICIA and is currently leading the organization as Interim CEO.

Chief Executive Officer, Indiana Crop Improvement Association 2011-2019
Associate Director, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, 1985 - 2011
Laboratory Supervisor, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, 1978 – 1985
Laboratory Technician, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, 1975 – 1978
Seed Certification field inspector, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, 1975

Alan’s tenure with Indiana Crop Improvement involved many responsibilities including the oversight of all operations, including ICIA’s seed testing lab, genetics testing lab, field inspection programs, and quality management system. He reported to a board of directors and represented Indiana Crop Improvement at industry related meetings and affiliated organizations, leading with more than 44 years of combined education and management experience in the seed industry. He has knowledge of seed testing, seed certification, seed laws, intellectual property protection and the overall seed industry, both domestic and international.

Alan served as President of AOSCA, chair of ASTA Seed Industry Relations Committee, Member ASTA Phytosanitary Committee, ASTA representative to OECD Seed Schemes, and held certifications as ISO 9001 lead auditor, APHIS accredited auditor for National Seed Health System program, and APHIS-BRS auditor for APHIS Biotechnology Quality Management System. He served as ASTA representative to ISTA Triennial Congress from 1992-2004, and AOSCA representative to initial AOSA/ISTA harmonization meeting in Brussels in March 1988. Alan’s role in the AOSA/ISTA Split coleoptile of maize working group resulted in rule changes to both AOSA and ISTA maize evaluation rules. From 1990-2000 he served on ASTA Seed Analysts Liaison Committee; Chairperson 1990-1992. AOSA/ISTA Harmonization Committee, from 1988-1996. AOSCA representative on US Lab accreditation program task force in cooperation with USDA – AMS.

Committee Appointments and Projects

AOSA Cultivar Purity Committee; member since inception up to time of retirement from Indiana Crop in 2019.

AOSA Cultivar Purity Committee electrophoresis working group. Standardized test reporting categories and methods for maize isozyme/electrophoresis testing.

AOSA Vigor Committee member; 1980 to retirement.

AOSA/ISTA Harmonization Committee, 1988-1996.

AOSCA (Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies): Corn, Small Grain, Tree/Shrub/Pre-variety Germplasm, OECD Advisory, OECD Technical, Pathological Advisory, General Certification, Business Development, Variety Review Board.

Project leader: Procedures for OECD Accreditation Program for Seed Certification in the United States.

AOSCA representative on National Plant Diagnostic Network task force initiated by USDA-CSREES-APHIS.

AOSCA representative on Seed Technical Working Group – National Seed Health System an USDA-APHIS Phytosanitary inspection accreditation program.
AOSCA representative on US Lab accreditation program task force in cooperation with USDA – AMS.

ASTA (American Seed Trade Association): Seed Industry Relations, International, Phytosanitary. ASTA representative to ISTA Triennial meetings 1992 through 2004, Seed Analysts Liaison Committee; 1984 to present. Chairperson 1990-1992.


1989 - Crop and Soils Merit Award

2006 – ISTA Honorary Member Award

2015 – SCST Service Award

2016 – ICIA 40-year Service Award

2019 - Lifetime Achievement Awards
Alan Galbreth