November 12-13, 2024  Indianapolis

Education and Networking.

We understand the value and importance of connecting.

For 125 years, we have brought together generations
of thought leaders and innovators.Your success remains 
centric to our commitment in providing educational and networking opportunites that create solid solutions for continued growth
among your teams and in your business. 

Plan now to join us for this edcational and networking event as connect at the Corn Belt Seed Conference

Featured Products and Services.

We invite you to showcase your company brand, products, services, and cutting-edge technology to the ag industry!  This event will feature networking sessions to connect you with those you need to meet! Select the links below to learn more about the sponsorship and exhibitor features! 

Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this exciting event as you promote your company brand at this 125th Celebration of the Corn Belt Seed Conference!

The Corn Belt Seed Conference or ICIA does not represent any organization or individuals nor make available or warrant access to information obtained for the conference to those not affiliated with the Corn Belt Seed Conference or this website. Information acquired is for purpose of attending educational sessions and networking within the Corn Belt Seed Conference.