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Dave Means
Oliver Manufacturing
Speaker Bio
Dave has been in the Seed business for 32 years, starting in 1989 with Garst Seed Company in Slater, Iowa. Beginning his career in research and development, he helped develop equipment for use in labs and in the field for collecting data on new hybrids in multiple crops including corn, soybeans, sorghum and many others. He has travelled throughout the US setting up equipment in both Research and Production sites. In 1996, Dave transitioned into managing the plant and field equipment maintenance for a parent seed plant. While there, he specialized in implementation and installation of electrical and mechanical updates used in processing, drying, material handling, conditioning, and packaging of seed. Dave has acquired the Iowa Master Electrician’s license and completed 25 years with Syngenta as the Plant Operations Manager. Following the closure of the plant in 2014, he began a career Oliver Manufacturing where he manages the service performed throughout the US and Canada on gravity separators, destoners, fluidized bed dryers, and sizers.
Dave Means